RT supports preparation of European bids  and H2020 proposal building and implementing. Contact us to discuss your needs and arrange a free consultation.

Pre-Submission Review

We review, evaluate, and – if it is necessary – restructure your grant application before you submit it. We recommend specific strategies  for improving the effectiveness of your proposal, including contacts with stakeholders and end-users to be involved in your project. We assess any type of H2020 proposal. Our improvement recommendations are realistic and results oriented.


Ethics and Societal Values

We define the key value statements, which provide the foundations for your project and the basis for future marketing.  We analyze ethical and societal implications of your project, and write the  Ethics and Societal Impact section of your H2020 application.  We provide ethical expertise and advice during the whole project implementation and all project phases. 

Privacy and Fundamental Rights
Cultural Impacts

We assess your proposal against a Privacy and Fundamental Rights ‘Check-List’.  We review compliance with European standards and evaluate to what extent your project respect the rights, observe the principles and promote the application of the Charter. We identify specific ways to enhance privacy and fundamental right aspects of your proposal and turn potential weaknesses into strengths. 

Culture, religion, ethnicity can be, or become, critical aspects of your project, although you could not be aware of them.  Today it is more and more important to understand cultural issues and assess their impact on your research activities. We identify potential cultural misunderstandings and conflicts in your proposal and we propose effective mitigation strategies.