Ethics, Privacy, Human RIghts, and alike have generated a plethora of manuals, standards, guidelines, handbooks, regulations, codes. They often risk to become just a further bureaucratic burden for engineers, practitioners and managers. RT advocates something simpler, just decent, gentle, technology; and polite, respectful, operational procedures. No one should ever feel herself  ugly, stupid, ridiculous, humiliated, excluded, because of technology.


Technology should be “courtoise.  Courtoisie is an old French word hardly translated in English. In its original sense it was mizura, say, the right proportion among things, persons, and events.  It was the art of tributing the due respect and sympathy to everyone and everything. It was the search for beauty in the relationships with our human fellows and all created things.


“For now, dear brother, that courtesy is one of the attributes of God, who sendeth his rain on the just and on the unjust; for courtesy is the sister of charity, it extinguisheth hatred and kindleth love” (Little Flowers of St. Francis, XXXVII)